Hijabi Spotlight #2

Maxi dress with denim jacket and turquoise pashmina scarf

Love this look! This sister has got the perfect laid back weekend look!

Cotton maxi dress (every and any shop, ChinaTown has HUNDREDS): There are hundreds in the shops, in styles, patterns and colours that suit everyone! I like the one above because of the small print (a larger print is sometimes too loud for me) and also because it has many colours in it. So you can draw attention to different colours each time you wear it, for different looks 🙂

Denim jacket (found at Mr Price or China Town): I’m not usually a denim jacket fan, haven’t owned one for years, but it can be quite a nice change to a cardigan. Whereas the cardi would make your outfit look a bit dressy, the denim jacket shouts ‘walk in the park’ or ‘saturday shopping’ 🙂

Hijab (plain Hijabs found at Sawants creations, for reasonable prices): Definitely need to wear a plain colour, like the sister in the pic has done. The turquoise brings a bold splash of colour which is refreshing and very summer-y. This can work with a bold plain pink scarf as well

Accessories (look around for one that catches your eye): I LOVE the silver necklace! Add long silver/gold necklace with chunky pendant to your must-have list! I also like that she is wearing 2 contrasting pieces around her neck. Bracelet is nice touch (see, the metal matches her pendant), you could also wear beaded bracelet or bangles in your hijab colour.

Shoes (MrPrice and Woolworths are my go-to stores for flats): Either sandals or pumps work. You could either wear a colour that matches your hijab, or a metallic that matches your accessories like she has done.

OK, done dissecting the look! 🙂 Hope it helps, happy shopping!


Must have item: Black and white maxi dress

I love these new maxi dresses that are in stores! There are so many of them in different styles and prints and fabrics! They are very versatile, you can dress them up or down, heels or flats, with something over or under, and with a variety of colours!

Woolworths currently have about 5 different styles on sale, and I’ve seen some in Exact and in Foschini as well.

Below are a few examples of the different types of dresses; these arent the exact ones in the stores, but very very very similar.

I bought the lycra one from Woolies, it’s really nice but a little bit tight over the chest area so I usually wear a cropped cardi over. This doesn’t suit all body shapes so if you have lots of curves I suggest buying one of the cotton ones, which are a lot more flattering.

You can wear these dresses lots of ways, try the basic Black and White look below, and accesorise by adding some chunky gold jewellery:

Hijab: crushed fabric found in China Town or at Edgars
Accesories: found at Woolworths

Or bring some colour into your wardrobe! Below is an example that can easily be done by adding basic cardis and some every day jewellery. You can also check out one of my previous posts for a another outfit idea.

Either way, this has been one of my best buys this summer, and I’ve worn it as a work outfit, casual and dress up weekend wear! Let me know what you think, and how you’ve worn your black and white maxi dress!

Sunday Blues

Royal Blue is a great trendy colour at the moment! (I think hehe, else I’ve just discovered it and it’s on its way out?)

I’ve been going a bit crazy with this colour at the moment, from scarves, to shoes to accesories! I was invited to a friend’s son’s  name-giving on Sunday, and the dress below was perfect to wear in this 36degrees celsius weather!

I wore it with the black cardi and black heels, but you can also wear it with the grey undertop and blue heels as shown!

Sorry about the quality of the pics.. I’m such an amateur with this!

So my friends suggested I tell you where to get the clothes, or similar ones. So here goes:

Basics: Blue/grey floral dress from Sable Square China Town; Black cropped cardi from ChinaTown as well (you will see a trend soon hehe) OR grey undertop from Ottery Hyper. Of course with the cardi you need to wear a cami/tanktop to cover your chest in front, black or grey will do)

Hijab: Plain blue scarf from Vangate Souk

Accessories: Black strappy heels from HQ shoes; blue necklace I wear as a bracelet from some random flea market. Blue heels (pic off the net, sorry sisters!)

Wow, a lot of bargain buys in the look above! Let me know what you all think!