Sunday Blues

Royal Blue is a great trendy colour at the moment! (I think hehe, else I’ve just discovered it and it’s on its way out?)

I’ve been going a bit crazy with this colour at the moment, from scarves, to shoes to accesories! I was invited to a friend’s son’s  name-giving on Sunday, and the dress below was perfect to wear in this 36degrees celsius weather!

I wore it with the black cardi and black heels, but you can also wear it with the grey undertop and blue heels as shown!

Sorry about the quality of the pics.. I’m such an amateur with this!

So my friends suggested I tell you where to get the clothes, or similar ones. So here goes:

Basics: Blue/grey floral dress from Sable Square China Town; Black cropped cardi from ChinaTown as well (you will see a trend soon hehe) OR grey undertop from Ottery Hyper. Of course with the cardi you need to wear a cami/tanktop to cover your chest in front, black or grey will do)

Hijab: Plain blue scarf from Vangate Souk

Accessories: Black strappy heels from HQ shoes; blue necklace I wear as a bracelet from some random flea market. Blue heels (pic off the net, sorry sisters!)

Wow, a lot of bargain buys in the look above! Let me know what you all think!


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