Cardigan starter kit

Cardigans.. every Muslimah’s dream! 🙂

Over the last few months, as part of my ‘preparation’, I’ve been looking for and buying cardi’s in different styles and colours. They really are the key to ‘hijabifying’ your wardrobe.

Here’s my thoughts on a few basic styles/lengths that you should start off with:

1. The cropped cardigan.
This shorter length cardi looks gorgeous with long maxi dresses and longer length tops. I usually pair these with tops that come just above my knees or longer.

I used to stay away from cropped cardis thinking they are more appropriate for the ”teeny-boppers’, but they can look really glam/sophisticated if you dress them well (Will show you how to dress each cardi type in another post)

The button down cropped cardi is the most versatile and works on all body shapes. It’s also my favourite style! If you are top-heavy I suggest wearing it unbuttoned. Leaving it unbuttoned also adds length for shorter/petite figures.

The ‘tie-in-front’ or ‘arms-only’ bolero styles can also look quite nice, though you need to be careful not to clash styles with your top. This style looks best on petite figures.

2. The classic cotton cardigan.
This basic button down cardigan is a must have in every Muslimah’s wardrobe! This super-versatile cardi works on all body shapes, and is the perfect item to dress down a smart outfit, or dress up a casual one! Works with jeans, dresses, skirts, wear it open or closed.

3. The boyfriend cardigan.
This longer length cardi is great to muslimify you shorter tops when wearing jeans or pants. Once again, I like the classic button down style as it works with most of my clothes, and is easy to dress up or down. When worn open, this can add modesty and length to your outfit without taking away from the awesomeness of that short top you couldn’t resist buying 🙂

You can wear it closed for a laid back, casual look, but this may draw attention to your hips if you have a pear-shaped figure, so make sure its a comfortable fit before buying.

4. The waterfall or wrap cardigan
Another version of the longer length cardi, this style is alot more feminine than the boyfriend cardi. Whilst I LOVE this style, for me it hasn’t been that easy to pair this up with an appropriate top, as I feel that these cardis have a defined style and tend to be the statement item in your outfit. I had a good friend teach me how to wear these, and they can be worn in a variety of ways, e.g. open, with a waistbelt, with a brooch, etc). Wrap cardis deserve a post of their own! I will do one soon. I will also ask my good friend for more wrap cardi fashion tips 🙂

When starting out your collection, it’s good to get cardi’s in some neutral coulours, and perhaps one or two other colours to accentuate your wardrobe. There are also some nice printed cardigans in stores now, that are a bit more difficult to match up, but could be great statement buys.  In later posts I will talk more about the different styles and how to wear them, so keep on visiting! 🙂


Hijabi Dilemma: How do you organise your scarves??

I stole this idea from a friend of mine, I think it is INGENIOUS! 🙂

Basically you roll up each scarf, and tie it with an elastic band, which ensures it stays neat. When you want to find a scarf, it is easy to see all and find the one you are looking for! This works with square and long scarves, in all fabrics.

Ingenious! 😀 What smart storage ideas do you have?

Hijabi Spotlight #1!

Alhamdulillah, it’s becoming so common nowadays to see young women dressed modestly and wearing hijab. Everywhere I look, in the malls, on the beach, at family functions, it’s awesome to see so many young women embrace the Hijab.

With the influx of young women wearing the Hijab, I’m also presented with lots of opportunity for inspiration when it comes to hijabi fashion! Many young women are trying to dress modestly, yet still stay on top of the current season trends. And achieving this very successfully!

So I’ve created Hijabi Spotlights as a means to showcase some of these inspiring women that I see, bump into, and now occasionally stalk to get a picture! Just kidding 🙂

These new cuffed pants (I think that’s what you call them?) are stunning! Very comfy for weekend wear, and loose-fitting enoughthat you can get away with a shorter top. They can also be dressed up quite nicely, as seen above. Can be found en-masse in nearly every shop in ChinaTown Sable Square.

The white lace undertop is also a great basic. Something different from the normal undertop, these can be found in different colours at Jay Jays in CanalWalk or at China Town. It’s a little bit tight though, so be sure to buy one or two sizes bigger.

So, do you love these pants? 🙂

If you would like to contribute to Hijabi Spotlight, you are welcome to email me. I will make sure all contributions are anonymous (as above)


Must have item: Black and white maxi dress

I love these new maxi dresses that are in stores! There are so many of them in different styles and prints and fabrics! They are very versatile, you can dress them up or down, heels or flats, with something over or under, and with a variety of colours!

Woolworths currently have about 5 different styles on sale, and I’ve seen some in Exact and in Foschini as well.

Below are a few examples of the different types of dresses; these arent the exact ones in the stores, but very very very similar.

I bought the lycra one from Woolies, it’s really nice but a little bit tight over the chest area so I usually wear a cropped cardi over. This doesn’t suit all body shapes so if you have lots of curves I suggest buying one of the cotton ones, which are a lot more flattering.

You can wear these dresses lots of ways, try the basic Black and White look below, and accesorise by adding some chunky gold jewellery:

Hijab: crushed fabric found in China Town or at Edgars
Accesories: found at Woolworths

Or bring some colour into your wardrobe! Below is an example that can easily be done by adding basic cardis and some every day jewellery. You can also check out one of my previous posts for a another outfit idea.

Either way, this has been one of my best buys this summer, and I’ve worn it as a work outfit, casual and dress up weekend wear! Let me know what you think, and how you’ve worn your black and white maxi dress!

Sunday Blues

Royal Blue is a great trendy colour at the moment! (I think hehe, else I’ve just discovered it and it’s on its way out?)

I’ve been going a bit crazy with this colour at the moment, from scarves, to shoes to accesories! I was invited to a friend’s son’s  name-giving on Sunday, and the dress below was perfect to wear in this 36degrees celsius weather!

I wore it with the black cardi and black heels, but you can also wear it with the grey undertop and blue heels as shown!

Sorry about the quality of the pics.. I’m such an amateur with this!

So my friends suggested I tell you where to get the clothes, or similar ones. So here goes:

Basics: Blue/grey floral dress from Sable Square China Town; Black cropped cardi from ChinaTown as well (you will see a trend soon hehe) OR grey undertop from Ottery Hyper. Of course with the cardi you need to wear a cami/tanktop to cover your chest in front, black or grey will do)

Hijab: Plain blue scarf from Vangate Souk

Accessories: Black strappy heels from HQ shoes; blue necklace I wear as a bracelet from some random flea market. Blue heels (pic off the net, sorry sisters!)

Wow, a lot of bargain buys in the look above! Let me know what you all think!