How to respond to common reactions/questions from non-Muslims

So.. I think almost all muslim sisters who blog about hijab have written a post on weird questions from non-muslims so I will not do the same.. I rather want to focus on how to react to one or two common questions, in a positive manner that will help in educating and inspiring the non-muslims around you.

The weeks before I started wearing hijab, I was already anticipating the questions and trying to figure out what my response would be. The obvious question: “Why are you wearing it?” I thought the answer would be just as obvious, but it is quite difficult to verbalise in a few minutes what was a journey of months or even years for some people.

So, how do you answer this question in a ‘one-liner’, as most of the time the question is not an invitation to jump into 20minutes of Da’wah! Here are some good (in my opinion) answers:

  • It makes me feel closer to my God
  • It’s a constant reminder of my Faith (I can feel it on my head all the time).
  • I do it to please my God
  • My beauty is only for my husband
  • I want people to love, respect and judge me for who I am, not for how I look
  • A lot of the key principles of my religion are based on modesty, and my Hijab is one way of being modest.

The second most common question I’m asked, which was one I was not prepared for, is: “Who is forcing you to wear it? Are you oppressed?”

For this one, I didn’t really have an answer. The first few times I just stared in shock! After that I started laughing it off and went back to my “Why are you wearing it” responses.

Now I still get those questions, but what I always try to do is to show people how much I love my hijab, by enjoying wearing it! I think this is why it is almost important for me to have fun with it, to play with colours and styles, not to be fashionable and/or attractive, but just to make people understand and believe that I am doing this out of choice, I am embracng it and I love it 100%


2 thoughts on “How to respond to common reactions/questions from non-Muslims

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      Hope to see you visit again soon 🙂

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