Playing with colours… I don’t have to match?!

So, this is week 4 of wearing my hijab and I’m proud to say that i’m getting  good at it 🙂 So it’s easy to put the hijab on now (I don’t prick my head anymore, and once I tie it in the morning, it stays whole day. Compared to week one when I had to re-adjust twice during the day hehe..

So of course I don’t have enough clothes to go through a month cycle, so I’ve worn most things twice or maybe thrice, but as the days go on I’ve been getting bolder with my hijab choices, and finally this week I didn’t match – twice! Hehe take a look at the pic, and you’ll see what I mean.

Week 1: I wore this dress with a black long sleeve tee underneath, black heels, black necklace, black scarf. It looked – OK.

Week 3:

Basics: Black and white dress; white long sleeve undertop

Hijab: Plain blue scarf

Accessories: Long blue bead necklace; white wedge sandals.

I’m so proud of myself! Would never have been so brave before! (Like I said I am a fashion newbie). What do you think? Can I/you pull this off?

Disclaimer: I’m too shy to take pics of myself, so I’m either taking pics of my clothes, or trying to find the best match on the net; I’m building up an online replica of my wardrobe lol.

Disclaimer 2: Sorry the pics are so fuzzy. Does anyone know how I can make better quality pics? Is there a program I can use to do this? (I’m using MS paint to copy and paste my pics)


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