5 tips to Muslima-fy your wardrobe

So.. you’ve made the Big Decision, you’re ready to start wearing the hijab…. but your wardrobe is not filled with modest clothes! So what do you do? Throw it all out? Go on a shopping spree to every hijabi shop you know? Visit aunts and friends in the hopes they have some hand-me-downs to get you started?

Breathe 🙂 It’s quite easy to transform your wardrobe by adapting some of the clothes you already have.

Tip #1: Stop buying any more short- sleeve / tight fitting tops and shorter length skirts

This is an easy one, all you do is stop looking at these type of clothes in the shops! Now I’m not saying you won’t be able to buy and wear these clothes anymore, but your wardrobe is probably filled with lots of these already, so try to work with those first.

Tip#2: Do some spring cleaning

Now is a great time to clean out your wardrobe. As an exercise, fit on all the shorter length skirts you have, and see if you can wear them with pants in summer or boots in winter. Also, fit on all your short-sleeve tops, and if they’re not too tight, see if they will look OK with a longer sleeve tee under, or perhaps a cardigan over. You can also wear longer length cardigans for your short tops. Anything that cannot be adapted, give away – But this should not the the majority of your wardrobe (unless you need an excuse to go shopping :))

Tip #3: Find replacements for the items you need to give away

For example, if you need to give away a shorter shirt, find a longer length, long sleeved white shirt as a replacement. Find a full length skirt to replace your 3/4 length skirt. Now is a good time to start a list

Tip #4: Create a ‘basics I need’ list

Now that you’ve gone through your wardrobe, it should be pretty easy for you to list which items you need, to transform some of your clothes. Make a list of long sleeved tshirts in the colours that you need. Black, white, beige, cream, brown are usually good to have, plus one or two colours that you already have the short sleeved tops for.

Make a similar list for cardigans. Once again, black, white, brown are good to have, but this is also where the colours can add lots of style to your wardrobe. Cardigans come in a variety of shapes and styles, so be sure to get a good mix, i.e. some longer length, some short, some thinner knits, etc. I will post some ideas for a ‘starter cardigan kit’ sometime soon.

Tip #5: The fun part, matching hijabs!

Ok, so now you’ve got your clothes list sorted, make a list of scarves/hijabs that you need! Resist the urge to buy 10 of the same kind, as the new ones come out all the time, so you don’t want to fill up your collection immediately. That said, you can actually never have too many scarves, so if you see one that you really like, and you don’t have something to match, it’s still OK to buy it 🙂

Good luck, and let me know if these tips help! And if you have any more 🙂


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